ADSLA Thanks 2012 Volunteers

 2012 ADSLA Volunteers
The Board of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is proud to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our volunteers at 2012’s many diverse events.  These events included hosting our CHPs, helping with the ADSLA table at Lectures, staffing the Casino Moderne event, Avalon Ball, Tickets to the Twenties’ Fashion Show, the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival, and many more.  ADSLA could not have produced any of those events without the strong support of our volunteers! Thank you for everything!  
Alfonso & Theresa Cardona
Alice Garcia
Allison Freeman
Amanda Shaffer
Angel Gulermovich
Anne Laskey
Ashley Stewart
Brian Boskind
Celeste Hong
Chantal Filson
Charlotte DelRose
Cheryll Lynn
Christine Nelson
Chuck Kovacic
Colleen Crosby
Connie Love
Damian Stellabott
David Mongiello
David Pacheco
David Saffer
Diane Hattersley
Don & Suzie Henderson
Don Lynch
Eric Lynxwiler
Eva Breumair
Eva Garcia
Gwendolyn Thomas
Ileana Gregory
Jae Barnes
Jake Weng
James & Victoria Golden
John Bruner
Karie Bible
Kathryn Sheeley
Kelly Thorpe
Kitty Wyman
Lily Raven
Lisa Gould
Mae-Lae Louie
Marc Chevalier
Mary Stanford
Michael Ontiveros
Michele Skelton
Nathan Smythe
Nathaniel Grey
Nicole Loretta
Paul Bunch
Philip Hoffman
Richard Taylor
Rory Cunningham
Sandra D
Sara Henderson
Sari Asher
Scott Frank
Shaina Bloom
Sherri Snyder
Teresa Wyman
Tricia Lippert
Tyler Phillips
Walter Nelson