Contact the LA County Planning and Land Use Committee

When we ask you to write letters, there are quite a few people you need to send your letters to.They need to go to the council member and also the city planner in the council office.

There are five members of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (the 15 city council members rotate through sitting on this committee).

Then we always notify the city council office that the building is in. In the case of the Hollywood Reporter building, our council member is Mitch O'Farrell (CD 13). We will often also alert David Ryu's office because his council district 4 is intertwined with CD 13 to some extent and from a land use perspective, affects his constituents.


Use this reference number on your communications:

FILE NUMBER: 17-0980


Zina Cheng, Legislative Assistant

Send a letter to each council member.

1. Bob Blumenfield (Council District 3) & Panner Andrew Pennington

2. Marqueece Harris-Dawson (Council District 8) & Planner Lynell Washington

3. Curren Price (Council District 9) & Planner Lakisha Hull

4. Mitchell Englander (Council District 12) & Planner, Hannah Lee

5. Jose Huizar (Council District 14) & Planner Kevin Ocubilio

6. Also please copy these people on letters too:
David Ryu's office Council District 4

Julia Duncan, Planning Deputy

Mitch O'Farrell's Office Council District 13

Amy Ablakat, Planning Deputy

Christine Peters

Daniel Halden

You can also post letters to:

City Clerk
Room 395
City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA