The Firestone Building - Landmarked 2012

Firestone Tire Company Building is LA’s newest Landmark.
The ADSLA Preservation Committee is proud to announce that the Los Angeles City Council has voted to approve the ADSLA sponsored nomination of the Firestone Building as Historic Cultural Monument #1020. 
Located at 800 S. La Brea Ave, this 1937 building exhibits Streamline Moderne character defining features such as low horizontal lines and rounded edges. Often associated with motion and the machine, the streamline features are enhanced by the use of porcelain enamel steel panels as the main exterior finish material. The use of this ultra modern material in automotive buildings dates back at least a decade appearing first in service stations, usually in prefabricated designs. This use in a custom designed building is rare and rarer still that it survives today almost completely intact. 
Like many companies in this era, Firestone used state-of-the-art architecture and materials to make their building a working billboard, calling attention to itself and the products that were sold there. This design is unique and appears just as fresh today as it was in 1937. The building is still owned and operated by the parent company of Firestone Tire and stands as a visible reminder of what was once the cutting edge of commercial design.