Full Steam Ahead for Education: Long Beach Kids Visit the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is one of the most significant historical sites in California where students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of education subject areas. Thanks to the collaborative partnership and efforts of the Queen Mary operator Hostmark, Queen Mary Leadership Coalition, Steamship Historical Society of America and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, a new history program and learning opportunity has been developed which will focus on the local needs of Long Beach high schools, as set forth in the California State Standards for Education.

Students from the Long Beach Unified School District in grade ten will study major historic events that helped shape the modern world, from the late eighteenth century through the present, including the cause and course of the two world wars. Students from the eleventh grade will study the major turning points in American History in the twentieth century.

The Queen Mary will provide a wonderful setting for learning major fields of study including the world history, the sciences, mathematics, engineering principals and the arts.

The program is designed to meet California graduation requirements and has been developed with the assistance and support of teachers, school districts and the departments of education. Most importantly, the program will allow teachers to host field trips to the Queen Mary and satisfy State requirements for educational content and provide the students with a perfectly unique immersion into history like no other venue can provide.

For more information, here is an interesting article in the Long Beach Gazette.