Greater Los Angeles Preservation Report - December 2013

ImageThe ADSLA wishes to congratulate the city of Beverly Hills for incorporating their decommissioned post office into the design for the new Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Although the new part of the building blocks the view of the gorgeous City Hall designed by William Gage in 1932, we're happy to see the eight fresco murals painted by Charles Kassler under the auspices of the WPA preserved and enjoyed.

Our preservation committee is concerned about decommissioned post offices, since many of them were constructed during the Deco period, and frequently include New Deal art. We're happy for adaptive reuse that keeps it visible to the public, and have set up a subcommittee to actively monitor post offices that may be slated for closure. Although we believe that these sites do not contain Deco-era art, if you are in the vicinity and can check, please let us know by email.

Market Branch
122 E 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

3270 Firestone Blvd
South Gate, CA 90280

Plaza Orange
308 W. Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92856

ImageAnother area of concern that we're highlighting is terrazzo. Bringing Back Broadway has a fine plan for preservation, but additional eyes are needed. Even the best plan doesn't help if the crew responding to an emergency water leak at 2:00 a.m. isn't aware of proper procedures for preserving the decorative sidewalks, so the ADSLA is pushing to be sure that all city departments are properly instructed. We're also working toward a satisfactory solution at 533 S. Broadway, where a lovely bas-relief was illegally removed. We'll let you know what happens.

We're happy to welcome new people to our preservation committee. If you want to help, please email us at to find out when our next meeting is scheduled.

If you are interested in joining the preservation committee let us know!

If you know of a building in jeopardy, please contact us immediately! (