Preservation Success! Santa Monica Doctors Building Landmarked


Updated: July 20, 2009: Because of the efforts of the ADSLA, Santa Monica Doctors Building was unanimously voted to be designated a landmark.

Read article in the Santa Monica Mirror re landmark designation.
Please see City Landmark Assessment and Evaluation Report, Evaluation Report, Parcel Map, Sanborn Maps and
for details regarding this beautiful building.

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Updated: March 17, 2009: Thanks to the efforts of the ADSLA, the Santa Monica Doctors Building has been nominated for Landmark status. The Santa Monica Mirror has the complete story.

Prior Story: On Monday, December 8, 2008, on behalf of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, ADSLA President, Rory Cunningham, appeared before the Santa Monica Landmark Commission and requested that the commission put on their agenda for future discussion the Santa Monica Doctors Building located at 2125 Arizona Avenue.

The following has been cited by the ADSLA as reasons to consider the Santa Monica Doctors Building as an official landmark:

1. The Santa Monica Doctors Building exemplifies an important cultural, social, economic and architectural history of the City of Santa Monica and Southern California.

Medical buildings designed between the two World Wars were often built in the most contemporary design to signify the modern, state-of-the-art and scientific developments of the time, this is to say, efficient, clean and sterile. This building, designed by Structural Engineer Leslie A. Irvin, exemplifies the very best of Streamline Moderne Architecture and is particularly adapted to the sub-tropical climate Southern California.

2. The Santa Monica Doctors Building has aesthetic and artistic interest and value to the City of Santa Monica.

This is by far one of the best examples of Streamline Moderne buildings in all of Southern California. The "Wedding Cake" stacking of the architectural elements and the sensuous curves of this building are only the beginning of what make this structure impressive. The dual-layered eyebrow canopies over the windows of the first and second stories are like the repeating waves on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica!

3. The Santa Monica Doctors Building embodies distinguishing architectural characteristics valuable to the study of the period, style, method of construction, and the use of indigenous materials and craftsmanship, and is a unique and rare example of an architectural design, detail or historical type valuable to such study.

The Santa Monica Doctors Building includes some of the very best period design and engineering elements including the steel frame casement windows, exterior curved stucco surfaces and, the terrazzo stair entrance.

It is for these reasons that the Santa Monica Doctors Building appears eligible for landmark designation and warrants further research and discussion.