Fashion Show 2009

Fashion Show 2009

Fashion Show 2009

Athens, Greece Deco Building Saved

ImageIn 2007, the Greek Council of State took up a proposal to demolish a listed Art Deco apartment building a few blocks away from the new Acropolis Museum in Athens Greece. This ultra modern museum was built with the clear intent to hold the Elgin Marbles should they ever be returned to Greece by England.

Letter to Members Re Newsletter Transition

Over the past year, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, along with non-profit organizations throughout the country, has faced the unfortunate realities of rising costs for services of all varieties. While the effect of current economic trends has been felt throughout the organization, the greatest impact has been on our principal method of communication with you, our members: The Exposition, our quarterly newsletter.

Full Steam Ahead for Education: Long Beach Kids Visit the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is one of the most significant historical sites in California where students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of education subject areas. Thanks to the collaborative partnership and efforts of the Queen Mary operator Hostmark, Queen Mary Leadership Coalition, Steamship Historical Society of America and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, a new history program and learning opportunity has been developed which will focus on the local needs of Long Beach high schools, as set forth in the California State Standards for Education.

Queen Mary Art Deco Gala -2006

The black tie gala at the very first Queen Mary Art Deco Festival in 2006

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