844 Plymouth Letter of Support

The ADSLA Preservation Committee prepared a letter of support for the nomination for a four unit apartment building located at 844 Plymouth Boulevard. The HCM was approved in November and this fine example of streamline moderne architecture has been protected!

Queen Mary Long Beach Restoration Update

The Restoration and rehabilitation work began in December 2009. Work includes new carpeting and window treatments in the Salons including the Queen's, the Windsor and Grand Salons. The upgrades also include new furnishings, furniture and lighting. The Promenade Café and Sir Winston’s Restaurants have also undergone complete period appropriate remodels. Original furniture including tables and chairs has been restored and placed in these areas as well. All soft goods, upholstery and new furniture are period appropriate for the historic Art Deco oceanliner.

John Thomas Historic Consultant on Queen Mary

John Thomas continues to serve as historic consultant to the management group aboard the Queen Mary. In addition to the public salon and restaurant improvements, John is assisting with a Conservation Management Plan. The CMP will assesses the historic archives and art aboard to develop a restoration and educational program. The development of the new non profit foundation is also a priority that John will be executing.

ADSLA 2011 Board Members

At the January 2011 annual meeting held at the American Cinematheque, the ADSLA elected its 2011 Board of Directors:
John Thomas - President; Chair of Preservation Committee
Annamarie von Firley - Vice President; Chair of Events Committee
David Butler - Treasurer
Sharlene Choy - Secretary; Volunteer Coordinator
Jeffrey Bissiri - Director
Suzanne Tarbell Cooper - Director
Rory Cunningham - Director
Margot Gerber - Director
Athene Mihalakis Kovacic - Director

Zelda: The Magazine of Vintage Nouveau

Please check out the new Zelda:  The Magazine for the Vintage Nouveau.  Zelda is where the past meets the present with reverence and revelry.
Included in the premiere issue are:  Zelda Fitzgerald, How to Fingerwave, Janet Klein, plus event photos from vintage events (including the ADSLA's own Queen Mary Art Deco Festival of 2009), and much, much, more.  Check out their website and order your copy now. 

Join the ADSLA Preservation Alert List

If you have a passion for Art Deco preservation and are concerned that our built heritage may be lost to short sighted development or neglect, consider joining the ADSLA's Preservation Alert list.   
In the last few years the ADSLA has helped to get a number of buildings declared Historic Cultural Monuments in the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Monica. We have been a key player in the battle to bolster the City of Los Angeles' Preservation Ordinance and helped find creative solutions to save the 6th Street Bridge.   With great success we have also partnered with other Art Deco Societies around the world when their city has a preservation emergency.

Building X


Building X
3050 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles
United States
See map: Google Maps

 Description of Building X

Oviatt Building


Oviatt Building
617 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA, 90014
United States
See map: Google Maps

 In 1925 James Oviatt attended the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs, which boosted Art Deco, and fell in love with the new style. Like many other Californians, he gave substance to this passion by commissioning a building. He engaged a local firm of architects to design the Oviatt and Alexander men’s store and office building, but he incorporated French expertise wherever possible. Remarkably enough, the resultant structure comes off understated, elegant and French.

Fashion Show 2009

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